Second deputy speaker of parliament Aisha Mambo Adams has encouraged Muslim women to continue helping vulnerable people.

Adams who is also Member of Parliament for Mangochi Mkungulu was speaking during distribution of assorted items to elderly women and people with disabilities at Assalam Complex in Mangochi which TAKIWA women group organised.
She said it is very interesting to see women assisting the less privileged since Islam teaches to extend hands to the needy.

The second deputy speaker of parliament urged the women ‘to verify at registration centres so that they should have an opportunity to vote in fresh presidential elections.’

Adams advised them to promote unity and abide by Islamic principles.

In her remarks chair lady for Taqwa women group-Assalam zone Sabina Fonesi said they donated the items so that the recipients should have something to celebrate during Eid-ul-Fitr period

“we thank sister Aisha Mambo Adams for the assistance she offers to the group and sparing time to be with us during the distribution exercise.”