Activists have called for prosecution of all authorities who were involved in Tractor gate.

This has come amid reports that ministry of Agriculture has apologized to the general public for misprocurement of farm equipment and irregular disposal of tractors in Tractor gate.

According to the statement the ministry admits to have failed to conduct proper needs assessment in the beneficiary institutions and guide on what equipment should be procured using the 50 million dollars loan from export-import bank of India.

“177 tractors and other farm equipment were purchased in one village one product project for small holder farmers,” reads statement

Reacting to this apology, one of the country’s activists Bill Mayaya told Radio Islam that “all those who mismanaged the procurement process and benefited from the deal should face the law.”

Mayaya also faulted Ant-corruption Bureau saying it is doing nothing on the matter.

The entire procurement process and disposal of equipment was legally faulted by office of Ombudsman in the report entitled ‘THE PRESENT TOILLING, THE FUTURE OVERBURDENED’, on 13 October 2016.