As the rainy season is fast approaching, African Relief Trust has donated certified maize seeds to 1,500 farmers in some parts of Zomba and Blantyre.

Speaking to Radio Islam after donating certified DKC 80-53 seeds in areas of TA Chikowi in Zomba, African Relief Trust Chairperson Muhammad Kamel said his organization would like to see Malawians turn into self-reliant citizens.

Kamel emphasized that a society with more independent citizens can develop faster since they can be economically assisting each other.

“This is why African Relief Trust decided to empower farmers in Zomba and Blantyre by giving them good variety of maize seeds so that they produce bumper yields next year,” Kamel

In his remarks, group Village Headman Chikumbu in the area of TA Chikowi in Zomba thanked African Relief Trust for donating to them certified Maize seeds saying it will help farmers to produce bumper yields this year.

Group Village Headman Chikumbu said “most people in the area are used to planting local and uncertified varieties of maize seeds since they cannot afford to buy good varieties hence the donation is timely and will assist farmers to produce more in their fields.”

Areas that African Relief Trust have reached out to famers with certified Maize Seeds included Semani, Chilombo and Chikumbu in Zomba, some areas of TAs Kapeni, Lundu and Chigalu in Blantyre.