ANC alliance finally dislodged president gone wrong – SACP

Former President Jacob Zuma’s resignation was not a “willing stepping-down”, only a “protracted struggle from within the ANC and its alliance [which] has finally dislodged this president gone wrong”, the South African Communist Party (SACP) has said.

It was proud of the role it had played from within the alliance and the ANC caucus, the SACP said in a statement, saying the “belated resignation” was something that “should have happened a long time ago”.

“The levels of parasitic looting of public resources that have occurred under [outgoing] president Zuma’s watch, the firing of ministers who have stood in his way, the erosion of the hard-won rule of law, the perversion of key state institutions notably in the criminal justice system, the manipulation of the public broadcaster, and the auctioning off of our national sovereignty in the pursuit of private accumulation have caused huge damage to our country,” it said.