Association of Persons with Albinism APAM has withdrawn its membership from the presidential task force on persons with Albinism.

Confirming to radio Islam, APAM president Overstone Kondowe said the association has made the announcement following careless statements made by government during a press conference on albino’s in Lilongwe yesterday.

Kondowe said the statements made by minister of homelands and internal security clearly demonstrates lack of seriousness and responsibility to protect persons with Albinism.

During the conference Nicolus Dausi argued that attacks on people with albinism have not reached levels where people with albinism must seek asylum or hold vigils.

Dausi’s remarks come at a time when attacks on people with albinism have escalated and almost 5 people have been attacked with three being killed since January this year.

However, Kondowe has asked government to hire foreign investigators, experts and institute a commission of inquiry to uncover markets for body parts of people with albinism.

Kondowe said has learnt through the inspectors general of police that police in the country lacks capacity to carry out thorough investigations on the markets hence calling for the foreign experts to do the work.

He said as long as the markets exist the attacks of persons with albinism will continue.

Kondowe has also asked government to improve on access to justice through establishment of special AD HOC courts.

According to Kondowe, currently there are over 160 suspected cases of attacks on people with albinism due to government’s refusal to push forward the prosecution of the suspects.

The APAM president has also asked for increased economic support to persons with albinism as well as registration and regulation of traditional healers where it is alleged that body parts of albinos are sold for rituals.

Finally Kondowe has given government up to end of business today for a written response on the demands.

Meanwhile, APAM together with non-governmental organizations has organized vigils on 3rd March 2019 at Kamuzu palace in Lilongwe against the attacks of people with albinism.

Since attacks on person with albinism escalated in the country in 2015, almost 25 people have been killed and 14 are missing.