Committee of Dawah in Africa has awarded 2 Muslims in Malawi hajj trips for winning this year’s competition of family of the prophet and his companions.

One of the local organisers Sheikh Ahmad Chienda told Radio Islam that the winners are Mervin Patel and Suleiman Twaib.

Other 6 Muslims are also expected to receive consolation prizes of laptops and cell phones.

“Unlike previous years, this year the competition saw participants answering questions through the internet,” said Sheikh Chienda

However, Sheikh Chienda said this new mechanism affected participation of Muslims in the competition as some Muslims could not afford to have access to internet in order to take part in the contest.

“This decision of enntering the contest through internet was made at the headquarters in Saudi Arabia hence implementingit here in Malawi.What we really need to do is to accept that the world has turned into digital and try to adjust ourselves towards that so that we should not be lagging behind.”

Sheikh Chienda has since said that the competition is achieving its intended purpose since it was introduced in the country a couple of years ago.
“This contest is making a lot of Muslims to read a lot about their religion because for one to answer all questions correctly,he or she is required to read extensively.”