Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has cancelled demonstrations on the sale of Livimbo primary school land after discovering that the area was not sold to anyone.

The cancellation comes following the dialogue which the grouping and Ministry of Lands officials conducted at the site that has put to light the land was encroached partially by owners of a warehouse closer to Livimbo premises

Speaking during a press briefing Chairperson of the coalition Timothy Mtambo said Livimbo issue has opened eyes since many Malawians are failing to access land while others are easily getting them.

He then asked government to document its lands to avoid encroachment and always provide a platform to citizens on issues that affect them.

“Speedy action which has been taken on the matter should also be done by all ministries for the development of the country,” Mtambo says

In his remarks, Minister responsible Symon vuwa kaunda said they are glad that the matter has been resolved and Malawians are aware the land was not sold to anyone.

However, lawyer Ishmael Wadi who is representing owners of the warehouse said they will appeal to court against abolishing the building as requested by Lilongwe City Council.

“The dialogue has made the Livimbo issue accountable and transparent,” says Wadi

However, officials of Livimbo School pleaded with the ministry and HRDC to quickly solve the matter saying it is disturbing the students.

Livimbo institution which consists of Primary and Secondary schools has 7.070 hectares of land instead of 8 hectares due to encroachment.