Results for 2017 MSCE examinations have been released.

Spokesperson of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Lindiwe Chide has confirmed to Radio Islam.

According to Chide 84, 000 out of 136, 247 candidates who sat for this year’s MSCE examinations have qualified for the award of a certificate representing a 61.66 percent pass rate.

“34, 837 female candidates have passed out of 62, 441 students and 73,806 male candidates have passed. In addition out of 49, 172 male candidates 73, 806 have passed,” Chide says.

Furthermore, 51, 770 internal candidates have qualified for the award of MSCE out of 80, 318.

Out of 22, 937 external candidates 13, 327 have passed while 18, 912 have qualified for the award of the MSCE out of 32, 992 open candidates.

According to Education Ministry 227 special needs education candidates have passed the examination out of 415.

“In this category 214 were females and 107 have passed while 207 were males and 120 have qualified,” says the Ministry.

However, 1979 candidates have their results withheld pending investigations.

Ministry of Education has said all queries should be forwarded to MANEB by 8th November.