Muslim youth United MYU has called upon Muslim ladies to patronize its blood donation camp.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Islam, MYU member, Imran Lali said they have organized the camp bearing in mind the increasing need for blood across the country’s hospitals.

Lali encouraged the ladies to patronize the camp saying donating blood is among the teachings of prophet Muhammad.

He said the sisters blood donation  camp will be held on 15 November at Rawdathul-Yatama in  Blantyre’s  Mudi area adding all COVID 19 preventive measures will be followed.

“We did a blood donation camp in May and this will be the second one this year, we have arranged a males, venue only and also females only for our sisters”, said Lali.

Lali emphasized the need for youths to be taking up initiatives aimed at helping mankind.

He said they are working in collaboration with other stakeholder holder organizations like Malawi Blood Transfusion Service and others.

Muslim youths united was established in 2014 and the main aim was to help the needy in a halaal way. Apart from the blood donation camp, the youth-led organization has been having many functions which are aimed at helping the needy and cheer those who have lost hope.