President Dr Lazarous Chakwera has lashed out at ministers for working at snail’s pace.

Dr. Chakwera advised them the ministers and other civil servants to produce tangible results or face the boot.

He said he is sad that things are not working in the country as far as changing things is concerned.

Dr Chakwera admitted that things are moving at a snail’s pace in changing how government is run especially in government departments and parastatals.

He said lawlessness and leaving scot free those who break laws are some of the issues affecting change in Malawi.

Dr Chakwera urged all departments and sectors to punish law breakers.

He expressed his disappointment on how the country has handled the Malawi school certificate of education MSCE.

The president has directed the removal of MANEB current leadership, investigate those involved in the leakage and give him report within one week.

I am giving the minister of education one week to work with MANEB to identify and discipline either the people who did this or the officers whose negligence allowed this to happen”, said Chakwera.

He also directed that MSCE should be re-written in January, instead of March that the ministry of education earlier directed.

Dr Chakwera called all government institutions directors and managers to institute discipline in all their departments or risk being fired.

He adds, “If an ministry, department or agency that has this kind or rubble of criminal elements does not produce a corrective action plan by the end of this month, I will have no choice but to remove those in charge and find people who will get the job done”.

Yesterday, minister of education Agnes Nyalonje announced cancellation of the examinations following the paper leakage.