Association of Malawian Midwives AMAMI and National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi NONM have called on government and stakeholders to urgently provide essential drugs and supplies in all hospitals

A statement co-signed by President of AMAMI Mumudelanji Lipato and president of NONM Shouts Simeza say there is acute shortage of drugs and medical equipment in labour ward and theatre

Lipato and Simeza say Malawians are receiving substandard care and dying from preventable deaths.

“AMAMI and NONM have noted with concern an acute shortage of many drugs such as Lignocaine, a nerve blocking anesthetic agent, other essential drugs include Gentamycin, Diclofenac injenction, Ephedrine, Tetracyclin eye ointment, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Intravenous Hydrarazine, Iodine, Cidex, Chloerhexidine.  blood, blood products and theater gowns among other.

Simeza says  Malawi Blood Transfusion Services has a critical shortage of blood and blood products

“Other supplies that are not available or inadequate include cotton wool, sutures, intravenous fluids, surgical blades, nasal gastric tubes, cannulas, urine bags, sterile gloves, plaster scrub suits, theater gowns and many more,” Simeza explains

Therefore they call on government, cooperate world and stakeholders to provide the required medical equipment to all hospitals.

They added that nurses and midwives will hold fundraising big walks in all districts