Analysts have urged Democratic Progressive party DPP to put its house in order.

This comes a day after DPP National Governing Council has refused to recognize Kondwani Nankhumwa as leader of opposition

Speaking with Radio Islam, Chancellor College Law lecturer Edge Kanyogolo said if DPP MPs and officials do not resolve their differences there might be law suits.

Kanyongolo said “the standing order on election does not specify who should choose leader of opposition.”

In a separate interview Blantyre University political lecturer, Sharif Kaisi said DPP MPs and officials should follow their constitutional provision on conflict resolution.

“They must institute a disciplinary committee which will be fair in the handling of the matter,” said Kaisi

Meanwhile Radio Islam tried to hear from DPP spokesperson, Brown Mpinganjira but he was not picking his calls.

However in a letter to DPP supporters Mpinganjira says the party has not sanctioned any GCN on 3rd October as reported by a letter signed by secretary general Grezelder Geoffrey

He says the party already announced plans to hold an NGC meeting after functional review committee has completed its task and presented recommendations to central committee.

“The power to call for an NGC meeting does not lie in any particular individual rather such powers lie in the institutions of the party,” reads the statement

The document adds that the central committee of the party chaired by the party president professor Peter Mutharika Arthur Peter Mutharika will normally determine when such a meeting will take place.

Mpinganjira has urged DPP supporters to be vigilant against any attempts to divide the party.