Government has commended Al Barakah Charity Trust for providing quality education in its institutions.

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola said this during the graduation of students in 14th cohort at Assalam Muallims training institute in Mangochi district.

Matola said government alone cannot manage to reach out to all people hence the support from such organizations is paramount.

He promised to submit to relevant authorities issues that Albarakah Charity Trust presented for consideration and advised the graduating students to implement what they have leant at the institution.

Matola said most Muslims face challenges due to low self-esteem, therefore encouraged the graduates to be vigilant and explore the world through exposure.

In his remarks Director of Administration and Finance for Al-Barak Charity trust Saeed Witness urged Islamic organizations to work together in implementing their activities since they have similar objectives.

36 students graduated with diplomas in education and Islamic studies at institution.

Sheikh Muslim Abbas Vinjenje is Deputy Principal at Assalam Mualim training institute and had this to say.

Speaking on behalf of graduates Jackson Kananji president of Students at Assalam Mualim urged fellow graduates to use the knowledge acquired to transform lives of people in their respective communities.

Assalam Mualims institute is an affiliate of international university of Africa in Khartoum Sudan.