Gulewamkulu assaults Muslims in Lilongwe

Muslims residing in Kauma area in Lilongwe are living in fear after Gulewamkulu beat their leaders and destroyed the property they possessed.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Muslims led by Ali Mussa said that on Tuesday Gulewamkulu committed the offence by claiming that it was a protest against Muslim involvement in development works in the area.

Mussa said Gule Wamkulu beat them when they were moulding bricks at Kawuma full primary school.

“The Muslims ran away but the Gule followed them up to their homes where they damaged all their belongings,” said Mussa.

Lilongwe police publicist Kingsley Dandaula confirmed the incident and promised to investigate the matter.

Incidences of Gule Wamkulu are not new in Lilongwe as in 1999 and 2005 it assulted Muslims in Chinsapo area.

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