Civil society organizations under Human Rights Defenders Coalition HRDC have asked president professor peter Muthalika to respond within 20 days to the concerns and issues they raised in two separate petitions.

Speaking in an interview with radio Islam, chairperson of HRDC Timothy Mtambo said that the CSO’S will hold national wide demonstrations in March if government fails to address them.

Mtambo said president Muthalika has failed to end corruption, fraud, theft and killings of persons with albinism among others.

“The demands contained in the citizens’ pertinent remain pertinent therefore we demand your immediate intervention and leadership,” said Mtambo.

He added that most of the concerns and issues raised in the petitions have deteriorated into full blown-out crisis.

The HRDC chair has demanded tangible answers on numerous issues such as the 145 million kwacha that was deposited in the DPP bank account, head and education woes, an end to political violence, gender equality gaps and expedite prosecution of suspects in the police food ration scam.