No Marburg Disease in Malawi-Ministry

No Marburg Disease in Malawi-Ministry

Ministry of health has ruled out the deadly Marburg virus in five people isolated at Mzuzu central hospital

Secretary for health Dr Charles Mwansambo says a sample was taken from one of the patients and has been sent to South Africa for confirmation

According to Dr Mwansambo one patient has been discharged and the remaining four have improved significantly

The ministry urges the public not to panic as the ministry has put in place measures to prevent, manage and control Marburg virus in the country

Mwansambo has advised Malawians to avoid close contact with suspected patients to avoid the virus whose signs include bleeding, vomiting with blood and high fever among others

It is in the same family of Ebola and its fatality rate is 50 percent as it spreads through body fluids and contaminated objects

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