Turkish Islamic Organisation celebrates eid with Malawians

Traditional Authority N’gabu of Nsanje district in Malawi has described Islam as a religion of peace, unity and love.

TA N’gabu made the remarks when Turkish Islamic Organization Asunya slaughtered and distributed ten heads of cattle in the area as part of Eid celebration.

Speaking during the distribution of ten heads of cattle TA n’gabu expressed gratitude to Muslims for remembering his subjects.

“This is a clear indication that muslims believe in sharing with others despite of the religion,” chief N’gabu said

TA N’gabu added that the gesture will help to eradicate misconceptions that muslims are terrorists.

He therefore called on Islamic orgnaisations to establish Islamic infrastructures in the area for many people to understand Islam.

On the day it was discovered that muslims walk long distances of about 25 Kilometres to the masjid.

In his remarks leader of Asunya Umut Turan said people in Turkey were happy that they interacted with Malawians.

Turan said it is the desire of people Turkey to assist Malawians regardless of their religion.

“This is why they bought the cattle in the area and distributed in the same land in order to empower them economically and materially,” said Turan

Turan said he has noted the poverty level especially among Muslims in Malawi therefore will ask his colleagues to find better ways of assisting them.

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