UNICEF Launches Fundraising Campaign For Girl Education

UNICEF has launched a national campaign to promote the raising of funds for a public trust that has been set up with a goal of sponsoring academically successful girl students from poor backgrounds to pursue secondary education in public schools in Malawi.

Speaking during the launch in Blantyre representative of UNICEF in Malawi Johannes Wedenig said the trust is being registered under “The Registered Trustees of Girls Secondary Education Trust.

He said the Trust brings together existing scholarship schemes run by different organizations including UNICEF and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

“The Trust will be responsible for mobilizing financial and technical resources from both public and private sectors,” Wedenig said

He further said the funds raised will be used for educational purposes including paying for all school fees, school uniforms, stationery and boarding fees wherever necessary.

Wedenig added the Trust is managed by a board of Trustees that comprises nominated representatives from various stakeholders such as the public and private sector as well as nongovernmental organisations.

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