Vice president Dr Saulos Chilima has advised Malawians to promote mindset change for the country to develop

Chilima said this during mindset change public lecture that was held in Lilongwe Friday evening

He said Malawians have been having the mindset of doing things the same way it was done years back hence the need to change saying the fixed mindset does not develop the country.

“It is high time people in Malawi stopped envy, denial, selfishness and gossip which are some of the things preventing growth of the country,” Chilima

He stated different ways on how Malawi can develop a growth mindset which include acknowledge and embrace imperfections, view challenges as opportunities, try different learning tactics, stop seeking approval, celebrate growth with others and potray criticism as positive.

Chilima condemned domestic violence which is on the rise in the country.

In his remarks president Dr Lazarus Chakwera who was in attendance congratulated the vice president for the lecture saying it is an eye opener.

“Malawi needs serious minds that are eager to challenge each other on issues that affect development,” Chakwera

In an interview HRDC member Mcdonald Sembereka who attended the lecture said it is time Malawians started working together to move the country from the current to a better status

Commenting head of African Institute for Development Policy AFIDEP Nyovani Madise said the lecture is helpful as it has really changed minds of Malawians

She said it is good that it also tackled issues of empowering women and expects the vice president to do more public lectures so that more topics can be discussed