Chiefs, MPs attack Councillors on DC Transfer

Chiefs and MPs in Dowa have strongly criticized ward councilors in the district for rushing to make a decision of removing the District Commissioner, Fanny Msimuko before consulting them.

On Monday August, 31 the councilors forced Msimuko out of her office saying they had stopped recognizing her as Dowa DC.

Their letter addressed to the Principal secretary, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, with copies to the DC, Police, MPs, T/A’s and special interest groups, signed by all 14 councilors cited a number of problems.

“We are not happy with poor relationship, her staying in Lilongwe, serving under a court injunction, failing to pay market commissioners and misappropriation of MK 18 million among other major challenges,” reads the letter.

Speaking soon after the full council meeting yesterday the chiefs and MPs told our reporter in Dowa that the decision had been rescinded waiting for a council resolution meeting next week Wednesday.

In her remarks the DC said anything to be discussed outside yesterday’s agenda was contrary to rules and regulations of council meeting as they do not have Any Other Business (AOB) but meeting agendas.

Speaking at the same meeting, Deputy Director responsible for local Authority Management, in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Douglas Mkweta faulted Dowa district council for failing to follow proper procedures of standing orders when conducting their business.

The re-elected council chair, councilor Martin Luka Phiri then suspended the council meeting soon after moving a motion to deliberate on the wrangle which was welcomed by the MP’s.

Speaking in an interview after the discussions, the outspoken Kayembe ward councilor, Simeon Nyemba, accepted the critics by MP’s and Chiefs but said the decision by them not to recognize Msimuko as Dowa DC stands until a resolution by the council is made at an extra-ordinary meeting next Wednesday.

On his part, Dowa West Parliamentarian, Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi, said MPs in the district are not supporting the councilors and that they will support them only, if they follow procedures and let the DC’s views be heard.

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