Association of People with Albinism APAM has obtained a court injunction restraining authorities from proceeding with the burial of a key suspect in the murder of a Dedza boy with albinism Goodson Makanjira, Buleya Lule who died in police custody yesterday.

The order which radio Islam has seen, restrains the attorney general, the Malawi Police Service or their agents from burying or allowing the body of Lule to be buried until a postmortem is conducted by an independent entity or until a further notice of the court.

According to the order, the defendants may apply to court to vary or discharge the order by first informing APAM’s lawyers in writing at least 48 hours.

There are conflicting information regarding the death of Lule, as Malawi police claims he was sick while his family, insists he had died in police cell from alleged beatings.

His death shatters hopes of discovering leads to the body of Makanjira, which is still missing.