Area 25 health centre Cholera site destroyed

Area 25 health centre Cholera site destroyed

Communities in Mgona, Lilongwe have destroyed Area 25 Health Centre over Cholera

This has happened few weeks after communities in Balaka damaged Nandumbo Health Centre in order to force government transfer some health workers

Reacting Healthy Rights activist has asked people in the country to follow right procedures whenever they have disagreements with healthcare providers.

This comes following reports of attack on health workers at Nandumbo in Balaka and area 25 healthy centre in Lilongwe due to cholera misunderstandings.

George Jobe of Malawi Health Equity Network says the tendency poses a threat to the fight against the pandemic as well as governments efforts of ensuring that people have access to quality health care services.

Jobe adds that it is not proper for people to damage healthy facilities whenever they have disagreements but report to hospital ombudsman and Healthy Adversary Committees.

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