As covid-19 cases continue to rise Asian Business Community has set up a new covid-19 clinic in Kanjedza.

Speaking with Radio Islam, ABC Covid-19 Task Force chairperson, Macbul Latif, said they have so far admitted over 8 people at the centre.

Latif says the second wave is more devastating as it is spreading fast hence asking people to adhere to all preventive measures, adding the taskforce will re-introduce additional measures to their members.

“We are visiting some of the patients who are self isolating at home,” Latif

Meanwhile, Blantyre district health Office DHO says the festive season and South African returnees have triggered the rise in covid-19 cases in the district.

Dr Zaziwe Gunda the medical officer at Blantyre DHO said “the second wave has increased demand for test kits and Personal Protective Equipments as more people are now coming forward to get tested for the virus.”

In a related development, a lecturer at Mzuzu University has succumbed to covid-19 and president of the students say are studying in fear as reports indicate that 28 have tested positive at the school

According to presidential taskforce the country recorded 277 cases on Wednesday which is the highest number in the new wave of covid-19

Co-chairperson Dr John Phuka says “sadly the number of active cases has surpassed 1000 mark within the past three weeks and the total number of those admitted is at a record high of 68.”

Dr Phuka says the figures might be under reported as there might be a lot of active cases within the communities