Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB) says is reviewing Attorney General’s announcement of a 60 day Amnesty to all those who might have defrauded government

In a press statement on Sunday 9th January 2022 attorney general Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda said is granting the amnesty to people who might have corruptly accumulated wealth through dealings with among others Zuneth Sattar.

During a press briefing Nyirenda says the amnesty will not involve those who the state has overwhelming evidence of committing corruption.

He cited individuals such as Zuneth Satar, Karim Batatawala and Zameer Karim among those who will not be considered for the amnesty

But according to a press statement from ACB signed by its principal Public Relations Officer Egrita Ndala, the corruption bursting body is in the meantime proceeding with its investigations against Sattar.

Meanwhile, Mzuzu Youth Anti-Corruption Movement has cautioned attorney general to trade carefully on the granting of the amnesty.

Speaking to radio Islam, Mathews Kajani, Team leaders for Mzuzu Youth Anti-Corruption Movement said much as the idea of amnesty seems good, office of attorney general should act in the interest of fighting corruption in Malawi.

“The move if not transparently handled well might seem like protecting those politically exposed persons in Malawi who might have squandered public money,” Kajani

He then advised the attorney general to publicly announce all details as to how the amnesty will work, to avoid speculation from the general public.