BCC Rejects UTM’s Request To Hold Political Rally

Blantyre city council in Malawi has rejected the request of United Transformation Movement UTM to hold a political rally at Nyambadwe Primary school because it is not a registered party.

The rejection comes a day after office of registrar of political parties refused to register UTM as a party because the abbreviation can mean many things.

In a letter, Chief executive officer for the council Lytton Nkata says UTM requested to hold the rally on 29th September.

Nkata says “section 17 sub section 2 of the political parties prohibits any political party or that is not registered to act conduct any activity related to elections.”

He says the permission will be granted once UTM furnishes Blantyre city council with evidence that it is registered political party.

Meanwhile, legal expert Edge Kanyongolo has faulted Blantyre City Council BCC for refusing to grant permission to United Transformation Movement UTM to hold the rally.

Speaking to radio Islam, Kanyongolo said “BCC has used the political parties act incorrectly because unregistered parties are not allowed to campaign during the official campaign period only.”

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