Blantyre Islamic Mission BIM alumni have urged Muslim community to support Muslims who are in various prisons of Malawi.

Speaking after visiting Dr. Uladi Mussa and other fellow Muslim prisoners at Zomba Maximum Prison on Sunday, programs coordinator for BIM alumni Sheikh Omar Adam Nkacherenga said it is imperative to remember good deeds that fellow Muslims in prisons have done to the community despite their shortfalls.

“Dr. Mussa has contributed a lot through education to the Ummah as well as the nation because he once served as a civil servant before joining BIM as the Head teacher,” Sheikh Mkacherenga

Concurring with Sheikh Nkacherenga Patron for welfare of prisoners in Zomba sheikh Abdurrahman Maas said it is good to support fellow Muslims in prisons because they face temptations

Over 230,000 kwacha was realized for the support of Dr. Uladi Mussa through contributions from former students and other Muslims on social media platforms.