Chiefs Against CSO’s Demonstrations in Malawi

Traditional leaders in the country have pleaded with Malawians to stay away from the April 27 mass demonstrations saying it is lacking credibility.

Civil Society Organizations have planned the national wide demonstrations to force government to explain the source the K4 billion and consequently fire two cabinet ministers involved the in the scam.

But speaking at a press conference held at Mtunda Wosema headquarters of Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa of Thyolo district, the chiefs said they are failing to understand the motive behind the demonstrations.

The conference was attended by Paramount Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Traditional Authorities from all districts in the southern region.

In his remarks Paramount Chief Kawinga said time has come for civil society organisations to graduate from being used by politicians.

“Why are CSOs silent on reports that a police officer, medical officer and catholic priest have been allegedly involved in the gruesome killing of a person with albinism in Machinga district,” said Paramount Kawinga

In his comment, Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa said the chiefs are well informed that opposition parties are recruiting students of the University of Malawi to take part in the demonstrations.

“An opposition party is paying K3000 to each student who will go into streets a development he said is a clear evidence that the demonstrations are engineered by politicians,”said Paramount Ngolongoliwa

He also said the K4 billion which government meant to distribute equally to all constituencies would have reduced some of the challenges poor people are facing in the country.

However, paramount Ngolongoliwa warned the organizers that chief will do unspecified actions if they go ahead with the demonstrations.

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