Concerned group present petition to government

Dowa councilors have distanced themselves from a group of concerned citizens who presented a petition to Dowa District Council on 8 issues which need urgent clarification.

Speaking in an interview, Dowa West – Kayembe ward councilor, Simeon Nyemba, said the issues raised by the group concern all people in the district therefore finger-pointing must not be tolerated.

“The issues include late allowance for chiefs, DC to stay in Dowa, market revenues, Dowa boma rest house, Mndolera Bridge and the boreholes which should be drilled using the 208 million kwacha District Development Fund for the 2015 to 2016 fiscal year,” explained Nyemba.

He challenged the council to release names of councilors who are behind the concerned Citizen and if it fails, must withdraw the statement.

“I was surprised to see that only 3 councilors attended the meeting between the council and the Concerned Citizen when there are 14 councilors in the district,” Nyemba said.

The council’s Director of Planning and Development, Emmanuel Bulukutu, said the boma rest house was budgeted at 74 million and about 15 million has been spent as of June, 30, 2016.

“Lack of decent houses in the district is forcing some government officials to reside in Lilongwe,” said Bulukutu.

However, he said efforts are being made by the council to use the District Development Funds to build houses for top council officials at the boma.

In his remarks, Dowa South East legislator, Harry Njoka Chipeni, urged councilors to demand accountability on market fees as there are no toilets in the council’s markets.

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