Councillor fined for tampering ESCOM Metre

Dedza first grade magistrate court has ordered councilor of Malawi Congress party in Bembeke ward Davie Lingalawe to pay a fine of one hundred thousand kwacha or in default serve a 18 months Imprisonment with hard labour whilst his accomplice Shandy Callisto has been sentenced to 5 years mprisonment with hard labour without option of fine for tampering with ESCOM metres.

The court heard from state prosecutor Assistant superintendent Patrick Chambuluka that officials from Escom headquarters uncovered the syndicate that the councilor had tampered with the meter box on the pole that supplies current of electricity to his residence at Airfield, shop and bottle store known as Zabwino at airfield.

“When police constituted an investigation Callisto an electrician was arrested and pleaded guilty,” said Chambuluka.

In mitigation the councilor said is a married man and apologized but First grade magistrate Ennete banda said it is disappointing that the elected member who should have upheld the constitution chose to break the law.

The court heard that shandy Callisto is the subsequent offender as he was release from prison after being sentenced to 24 months Imprisonment with hard labour in 2015 by Linthipe court.

The councilor Davie Lingalawe has since paid the fine while Shandy Callisto has started serving the sentence.

Both were charged with interfering with supplies of electricity contrary to section 36 as read with section 40 of electricity.

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