NGO Gender Coordinating Network urges women to support each other


NGO Gender Coordinating Network officials have urged women to embrace love among fellow women as one of mechanisms of achieving the 50-50 campaign.

Chairperson of the organisation Emma Kaliya was speaking in Lilongwe when she opened the workshop which has been organised in conjunction with Gender Links.

Kaliya said the programme is derailed by women themselves at some point.

Meanwhile wp-content has been applauded for championing the 50-50 campaign.

Dr Francis Chikunkhuzeni who is a Senior Lecture  at Polytechnic College said the wp-content has worked very well in promoting women in decision making positions.

Dr Chikunkhuzeni said, currently 11 wp-content houses have main streamed gender in their programming.

Currently, 262 women are aspiring in the forthcoming parliamentary race.

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