Education stakeholders have asked government to go back to drawing board as most schools are said to have faced challenges in the first week of school re-opening.

Speaking with Radio Islam, Teachers Union of Malawi president, Willy Malimba, cited the failure by some schools to divide the learners in streams due to high enrollment in urban areas which affected pupil teacher ratio of 1 to 40 as most of these schools do not have enough classroom blocks.

Malimba dismissed calls to close schools until all measures are met saying “this would affect students performance in future and infringement of their to right to education.”

Concurring with Malimba, Federation of Disability Organisations in Malawi FEDOMA acting executive director Simon Munde said social distancing has also been a challenge especially for children with visual impairment

Munde added that those with hearing impairment failed to follow the lesson as the teacher was wearing a face mask whilst delivering the lessons.