Gender based violence free project introduced in schools

Girls Empowerment Network (GENET Malawi), in partnership with OXFAM will implement combating School Gender Based Violence project in Dowa district.

The organization’s program manager, Lindiwe Jere, said the project has an objective of increasing access to safe school environment.

According to Jere OXFAM and GEWE want the boys and girls to acquire support structures and protect them from school based violence.

“The issues to be addressed in the project are negative harmful and cultural practices that affect girls’ empowerment and education as well as lack of capacity of boys and girls in safe school environment,” explained Jere.

She said theyr will conduct evidence-based advocacies on implementation of laws and policies related to school gender based violence.

“OXFAM is implementing the project in TA Kayembe and Chakhaza in Dowa and in Mzimba in Inkosi Chindi as well as Mpherembe,” said Jere.

Jere said OXFAM will develop a meal plan as an innovative way of involving men and youth in the fight to reduce school based violence in the district.

The combating School Based Gender Based Violence project will be implemented in Dowa district with a total funding amounting to Mk 113, 400,870.

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