Ministry of Health has encouraged non state actors to take part in the development and implementation of Health Sector Strategic Plan HSSP 3.

Speaking in Lilongwe during a workshop to review Health Sector Strategic Plan 3, Principal Secretary responsible for Administration in the ministry of health, Benston Chisamile appreciated the role of non-state actors including Civil Society, Non-Government Organizations NGOs, Private Sectors and the Youths in the development and implementation of the Plan.

Chisamile said that non state actors support the resource mobilization and accountability of HSSP as in the health policy of 2017/2030.

He further said that the ministry will wait to hear the outcomes of the workshop as it finalizes the HSSP 3.

In her, remarks World Health Organization WHO Acting Representative Dr Janet Kayita said “the plan is important because it will help to achieve universal health coverage.”

She encouraged non state actors to fully support the Plan

Speaking at the same meeting, Health Rights Ambassador Maziko Matemba emphasized that their role in the Health Sector Strategic Plan 3 is to oversee all developments and its implementation across the country.