Govt orders BCC to apologise Muslims over Bilboard removal

Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity has asked Blantyre City Council to apologize to the public for failing to manage the misunderstandings between Muslims and Christians over the bill board.

According to the statement made available to Radio Islam, the ministry has expressed concern on how Blantyre City Council handled the matter from the emergency of the misunderstanding.

The statement signed by the minister responsible, Timothy Mtambo, the council was supposed to engage both parties to appreciate the concerns and arrive at a common agreement amicably.

Mtambo further said “the ministry understands that the Islamic Information Bureau duly obtained permission from BCC and met the fee obligations accordingly.”

But reacting to the development, IIB National Coordinator, Sheikh Ahmad Chienda, commended the stand taken by government.

“The intervention by government will not only ease the tension between Muslims and Christians in the country but also promote the coexistence between the two parties,”Sheikh Chienda said.

He also told Radio Islam that BCC has not yet responded to the letter even though seven days has erupted.

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