GOVT removes maize from Subsidy Program

Farmers Union of Malawi has faulted government for removing maize from the 2015-2016 farm input subsidy program FISP.

This is according to a letter from Seed Trade Association of Malawi STAM to its members dated 11 September 2015.

In the letter, STAM says government will implement legume seed only.

However, reacting to the development FUM’S president Alfred Kapichira Banda, said “removing maize from the program will mean prolonged hunger considering that the said seed is a staple food in the country.”

Banda then asked government to consult chiefs in order to successfully implement Fisp program for the betterment of people it serves.

Reports also indicate that the number of beneficiaries could be trimmed by 500, 000 because donors said would not provide funds.

This means that only 1 million Malawians will benefit.

Recently government said it has changed the system of identifying beneficiaries because those to benefit are farming families not pro-poor.

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