The file of an order cancelling warrant of arrest of FDH Chief Executive Officer CEO Thom Mpinganjira has been brought to High court in Blantyre from Zomba magistrate court.

Registrar of the High Court Agnes Patemba says the matter has been assigned to Justice Nyakaunda Kamanga.

“High Court had noticed some irregularities on the decision made by Zomba Magistrate Court therefore called for the file in order to scrutinise the legality of the order,” Patemba says

According to section 96 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Code, it’s only the magistrate court which issued the warrant of arrest that has powers to cancel or set aside the decision made.

Earlier on a law expert Osman Kennedy also queried the sections used by Zomba magistrate court saying they do not apply in the case.

Meanwhile, Political commentator has expressed concern over lack of justice in the judicial system of Malawi.

“The move signifies how corrupt the judicial system is,” says Mvula

Few weeks ago, chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda complained to ACB that a businessman and a civil servant tried to bribe the judges presiding over elections case.

ACB refused to name and arrest the suspects until Wednesday when it arrested Mpinganjira.