High court fails to rule on plastic ban

High Court has today failed to make a ruling in case which Plastic Manufacturers obtained a stay order in court.

According to the information, Radio Islam has gathered, the presiding judge Hailey Potani, failed to present himself as he was locked in a high profile meeting in Blantyre.

“The court set today for a ruling on the matter after an inter-party hearing on 9th last month,” the document says

High Court in Blantyre suspended the enforcement on the ban of manufacturing, use and selling of thin plastics.

“The June 14 ruling allowed the Department of Environmental Affairs to continue the enforcing the ban as provided for in the Environment Management Regulations Act of the 2015,” adds the court document

However, Aero Plastics Limited and Rainbow Plastics sought suspension of the ruling pending inter-party hearing.

The Ministry of Environmental Affairs banned thin plastics to safeguard the right to a clean and health environment.

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