Humanitarian Drone Crashes in Malawi

Test flights of humanitarian drones also called Remote Pilot Aircrafts have been suspended after the crash of one of them in a maize field in Lilongwe.

According to chief of health services Dr Charles Mwansambo the purpose of the study was to assess the use of drones to improve accessibility of medical supplies for maternal health emergencies.

Dr Mwansambo said the product carried by the drone was retrieved safely and in good condition.

“The Ministry is working closely with all partners to assess the cause of the incident,” Dr Mwansambo said

He further said the test flight is being conducted by Ministry of health, Village Reach, Malawi Blood Transfusion Services, Pharmacy, medicines and poisons board as well as Vayu, the drone manufacturer.

Dr Mwasambo added that prior to the test flights, the Lilongwe and Dowa district health offices worked with community leaders to ensure relevant communities were aware of the study and understood safety protocols.

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