Muslims in the country have been urged to peacefully co-exist with people of other denominations as a way of religious propagation and enhancing development.

The call has been made by one of the country’s Muslim scholars Sheikh Muhammad Uthman Ntalika during the official opening of Ndirande Islamic Information Bureau in Blantyre.

Sheikh Ntalika said Islam is receiving a number of reverts hence a need to co-exist with people of other religions.

“Though people may differ in religions, they share a common aspect of humanity and being citizens of Malawi,” Sheikh Ntalika

On his part, Councilor for Nyambadwe ward Baraba Kanonjelera hailed the co-existence which is in the area among people of different denominations.

Councilor Kanonjelera said despite being a non Muslim he will encourage people of different faiths to utilize the facility in order to deeply understand Islam.

He then urged people of the area to seek guidance from their religious leaders whenever there are differences.

Speaking on behalf of the youths of the area, Fatima Mkumbira said the bureau will help them to learn more about Islam

She said “youths have been failing to access Limbe information Bureau because of distance and the new facility will also be used as their meeting centre for various youth activities.”

Islamic information Bureau opened its first office in 1999 and is currently having 5 offices namely in Limbe, Lilongwe, Mangochi, Balaka and Ndirande with plans of extending to other districts f the country.