Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF) says it remains committed to ensuring that every underprivileged child has an opportunity to complete education.

IZF Board Chairperson, Kassam Okhai, made the remarks after receiving donation from Malawi Relief Fund UK meant to support needy students in the tertiary and higher education.

Okhai said through the partnership IZF will provide scholarship to 224 students enrolled in different local colleges and universities with full tuition fees and living expenses.

He said he is very delighted that the partnership will help Malawians from poor household access higher education.

In his remarks, Malawi Relief Fund UK Country Coordinator, Yakub Valli, said the fund will give hundreds of student opportunity to complete education and contribute to the country’s economic growth, competitiveness and social development.

IZF was established in 1991 with an aim of providing bursary and scholarship to needy youth to become self reliant and contribute to the country’s economy.

Since its establishment, IZF has so far provided scholarship to over 2500 students in colleges and universities and 15 000 in secondary schools.