Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF) says it will strive to educate at least a child in every Muslim family in the country.

This was said by IZF Bursary officer Daud Pias when he interacted with IZF sponsored Mzuzu University Students.

Pias said educating one child at a Muslim family will improve living standards of Muslims in all districts as they will be able to rely on themselves.

“IZF decided to organize the visit for the sponsored Mzuzu University students to know each other and encourage them to work hard in their studies. The students should focus on attaining higher education and good results in order to become productive citizens and support fellow needy students in future,” Pias said

She said IZF is in partnership with other organizations whose interests are to support the organisation so that it helps many students in various schools adding IZF will only support hard working students.

Pias said IZF has educated many students who are working in various organizations, hospitals and Banks among others.

“This is a good development because people have realized that Muslims are not inferiors and they help in the development of this country. IZF will also award hard working students who pass with flying colours by giving them opportunity to pursue Master’s degree outside the country,” explained Pias

Despite various achievements, Daud said IZF is struggling to source enough money to support many needy students who have the potential to study in various schools and the organisation has over 600 students who are pursuing Degree programs.

Speaking on behalf of all students sponsored by IZF at Mzuzu University, Amina Molosoni thanked IZF for the visit saying this portrays a good Partnership between the organisation and students hence commending it for the support rendered to them.

“We appeal to IZF to consider giving them upkeep allowance because the students lack a lot of resources such as food, accommodation and stationery to work extra hard,” Pias said

He promised to take into consideration the requests but encouraged them to work hard to avoid being withdrawn from the bursary.