JCE phases out in 2016/2017 academic year

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has said phasing out of Junior Certificate of Education examinations will be implemented in the 2016 to 2017 academic year.

The Ministry has said this after the public expressed concern with the removal of JCE examination as it said the development will negatively affect learning in schools because students will relax before they are required to sit for MSCE examination.

In its statement the Ministry says the last JCE examination to be administered will, therefore, be in 2016 for the current Form 2 students.

“One of the arguments behind this decision is to allow all secondary school students to remain in school until sit for Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations,” reads the statement.

It further says when they complete Form 4 successful candidates shall be awarded an MSCE Certificate while the unsuccessful ones shall be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

“Ministry wants to promote the practice of continuous assessment from Form 1 through to Form 4 for schools to cover thoroughly the Curriculum as opposed to the current practice which is examination oriented as both students and teachers focus much on JCE examination results rather than acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and positive attitudes” explains the statement.

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