Madrassah competition committee has encouraged Muslim youth to work hard in Islam studies.

The appeal has been made during a madrassah competition in Lilongwe where students from different Madrassas in the district competed in 3 categories of Quran recitation, Arabic speaking and Seera.

In an interview with radio Islam one of the organizers, Fazira Kaunga, said the completion was organized to empower and encourage children to learn their deen.

“The committee will continue to organize competition of such nature across the country to reach out to many Muslim children,”added kaunga

In his remarks one of the judges Qassim Abdullah hailed the students for the good performance.

Abdullah said there is need for improvements hence asking sheikhs in madrassahs’ to take a leading role in ensuring that their students are acquiring the necessary knowledge.

Falls Madrassah sheikh Yahya Saeed appreciated madrassah committee for organizing the function saying it has encouraged them to do better.

During the event winner on first position went away with 15 thousand kwacha, sugar and bread while those on second position went away with 10 thousand kwacha and bread.

One of the winners in Quruan category Lukkayya Karim from Mchesi madrassah expressed gratitude to madrassah committee for the prize.