Malawi arrests Nigerian for possessing Ethdrin.

Malawi arrests Nigerian for possessing Ethdrin.

Police at Kamuzu international airport has arrested a Nigerian and two Malawian ladies for Illegal possession and importation of the dangerous drug called Ethdrin.

Public Relations Officer for Airport Police Branch Sapulain Lee Chitonde the suspects are Christian Osigwelen 43 years, Lusungu Mlenga 39 from Mijumiju village TA Nkhondowe in Nkhatabay district and Rita Juma 33 from Mlangeni village TA Njolomole in Ntcheu district.

Chitonde said MRA Officers tipped police that Lusungu was suspected to be collecting a table which concealed the drug.

“On my way from Sieraleone where I went to do business someone by the name of Grace called me that she lost her table which I should her friend Rita Juma.

When police searched the table they found packets of Ethdrin.

But MRA Officers who handled the matter revealed to the Police that Lusungu Mlenga tried to bribe them.

“Lusungu tried to bribe us when Christian was in the car park waiting for her with 2000 dollars and 700, 000 kwacha,” said Chitonde.

The three are partners in business who stay in Lilongwe city.

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