Ministry of health has announced that the new variant of covid-19 called Omicron has been detected in the country

Minister of health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda declared at the press briefing that they have isolated three cases out of the 12 samples that were collected from 9th November to 2nd December.

Kandodo Chiponda said “although the virus is mutating the basic preventive measures remain the same.”

Commenting, executive director of Malawi Health equity network MEHN George Jobe said it is not a surprise that the new covid has been identified in the country.

” The country expected this because it had been the case in the past that when all variants of covid-19 were detected in South Africa weeks after the virus was identified in Malawi,” Jobe

Meanwhile, Director of health and social services for Blantyre district has urged the public to take caution as covid-19 cases have started rising again

Addressing the press Dr Gift Kawalazira asked people to continue with the uptake of covid-19 vaccine as their office has intensified mobile clinics

On scabies, Blantyre District health office says people should not panic as new cases of scabies infestation are not increasing as compared to the past two months

Speaking when updating the media Dr Kawalazira said since its discovery Blantyre has registered over 1000 cases