Malawi, Mozambique strengthen security relations

There is possibility of a stronger security relationship between Malawi Police and their counterparts in Mozambique following meetings the two parties have been holding in the country.

The meetings were held in Chikwawa, Ntcheu and Angonia districts.

In Chikwawa the meeting drew together participants from Malawi Immigration Department, Lengwe National Park, Chikwawa Police Station and those from Doa District in Mozambique.

Speaking Chikwawa Police Station Officer in-Charge Assistant Commissioner Dave Chingwalu said the aim of the meeting was to strengthen the relationship between officers from Doa and those from Chikwawa District in Malawi.

Chingwalu said “there are a lot of crimes committed in both districts therefore the meeting strives to assist each other on the repatriation of these suspects whenever they are arrested in both countries.”

On his part, Head of Police in the districts of Doa, Zobwe and Villa in Mozambique, Commandant Arindo Domingos Deves said it was proper to bring together the two sides so that they could critically discuss security issues affecting them.

“We wanted to seriously look at livestock theft and encroachment issues at Lengwe National Park among many others hence believing that their coordination on these issues will be able to end them,” Deves said

There was also a similar meeting in Angonia District in Mozambique on the same day involving Malawi Police and their Mozambican counterparts.

Ntcheu Police Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu said the meeting took place following an invitation from Mozambique and was held under the theme “Working together, the only tool to combat crime.”

Chigalu said “the meeting was aimed at enhancing the good working relationship between the two sister countries and map the way forward in exploring ways that may create a win-win situation for the two countries while creating a no-safe-haven for criminals along the borders.”

The 17 member delegation from Malawi comprising Immigration officers, Malawi Revenue Authority officers and police officers from Dedza and Ntcheu was led by Ntcheu Police Officer In-Charge, John Nkhoma and Dedza Police Officer In-Charge Emmie Soko.

In his presentation, Nkhoma lamented the tendency by some Malawians and Mozambicans living along the borders for blocking the M1 Road at Kachipeya area with the intention to steal from motorists.

The Police Officer In-Charge for Angonia Province, Matias Kutumberto, promised to look into issues shared by the Malawian delegation and to change for the betterment of the two countries.

The delegates that met in Angonia have since agreed to hold a similar meeting in Ntcheu on November 30, 2018 where they are expected to set up a body that will be responsible for monitoring progress on the discussed issues.

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