Malawi rolls out new curriculum

Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development will roll out a revised TEVET curriculum from this month in all TEVET training institutions.

The Minister responsible Henry Mussa says the revised curriculum is a product of harmonization of three curricula that have been offered in TEVET system all these years.

They include National Trade Test managed and administered by the Ministry, Malawi Craft and Advanced Craft by Malawi National Examinations Board and TEVET Qualification Framework by TEVETA.

“Merging of the three TEVET curricula is a response to the industry’s demands as the existence of three parallel qualifications has been causing confusion among TEVET Stakeholders,” adds Mussa.

The Ministry further says use of the revised TEVET curriculum means that one certificate, Malawi TEVET Certificate, will be awarded to all students who will start training in all public and private technical colleges from 9th January.

“An assessment unit comprising members from the Ministry, TEVETA and MANEB will be responsible for assessment and certification of TEVET students,” reads the statement.

The Ministry of Labour has assured all continuing TEVET students that they will finish their training as planned and will be awarded certificates from the bodies they are training with.

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