Malawians shun ADMARC

Malawians shun ADMARC

As weeks have elapsed since ADMARC opened its markets, a snap survey by radio Islam has found that very few people are buying maize in its selling points.

A visit to some townships in Blantyre this week especially on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 November, 2016 has found that a day passes without a buyer in some ADMARC Branches.

For instance at two selling points the maize seller who asked for anonymity revealed to our reporter that out of 1000 bags it received only 100 have been sold.

Some of Blantyre residents who bought maixe at vendors in townships such as Ndirande and Manase told radio Islam that the K250 per kg set by government is unfair price for its citizens.

“We are jobless and the little money we gate cant afford to buy a bag of maize because we have other responsibilities like paying school fees for our children,” complained Blantyre residents

They said there is need for government to help them because they have insufficient food.

Responding to the concern public relations officer for ADMARC Agnes Chikoko said government cannot reduce the price because it has subsidized the price just to help poor Malawians.

“ADMARC bought the maize in higher price and k250 per kg is just a favour to Malawians.” stressed Chikoko.

Commenting on the development executive Director of Civil Society Agriculture Network Tamani Nkhono said it is disappointing to note that the decision has come when the country is going through food crisis.

“If government will not subsidise the price poor Malawians will suffer from hunger,” warned Nkhono.

In the past when ADMARC opens, people flock to buy Maize but the situation is different this year.

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