Opposition defeats Ruling party

Opposition defeats Ruling party

Malawi’s main opposition party Malawi Congress MCP has defeated the ruling party Democratic progressive DPP in by-elections.

MCP won 5 of the six areas where the polls took place on Tuesday October, 17.

According to chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission Jane Ansa MCP won in all the 3 constituencies and two of the three wards.

Ansa said DPP won in one ward.

“I Jane Ansa declare that in Lilongwe City South constituency MCP candidate Ulemu Msungama got 6722 against DPP candidate Dr Reuben Ngwenya 3597. In Lilongwe Msoxi North MCP candidate Sosten Gwengwe got 10015 while DPP candidate Bruno Daka 2559 votes. In Nsanje Lalanje constituency MCP candidate Lawerence Sitolo won defeated Glady’s Ganda of DPP,” she said.

Ansa lamented low participation of political parties in the by-elections.

“Malawi has over 50 political parties but it is very disappointing that only four parties participated in the polls,” bemoaned Ansa.

She asked winners to celebrate responsibly.

DPP conceded defeat saying had lost the battle not war.

Minister of information Nicholas Dausi in 2019 DPP will win tripartite elections.

“We will go to the drawing board to find out what went wrong,” said Dausi.

The political analyst Enerst Thindwa said the results show that Malawians are tired with DPP and are looking for an alternative.

The chancellor college lecturer advised DPP to review its work and MCP to work hard in order to win in 2019.

“Malawians are civilized therefore they are choosing people they think can help them. A lot of studies have been showing that people are losing trust in DPP and MCP will win 2019 by-elections,” said Thindwa.

Meanwhile, chairperson of National Elections Systems Trust NEST Unandi Banda has described the loss of women in the polls as worrisome in as far as 50:50 campaign is concerned.

“Many women are shunning by-elections because of how the campaigns are conducted. If men stop violent campaigns, many women will be participate in 2019 tripartite elections,” said Banda.

The by-elections were held following the death of some MPs and Councillors as well as court ruling.

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