Lawyers of Malawi Congress Party in elections case have cancelled cross examining second and last witness of President Mutharika, Bob Chimkango.

One of the lawyers Modecai Msisya declared the cancellation after lawyer of UTM Bright Theu finished cross examining Chimkango.

Msiya said they had come up with that decision because most of the answers of Chimkango to the questions asked by Theu were that he did not know.

“Chimkango does not know anything in the case because all his answers were i don’t know,” said Msisya

Meanwhile, re-examination of Chimkango by Mutharika lawyers is expected Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier in the morning the constitutional court announced that sudden suspension of elections case on Tuesday was normal in the legal profession.

Lead judge Hilley Potani made the announcement as social media reports indicate that the abrupt suspension was done because thugs wanted to steal case files through the court ceiling.